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Jean Desjardins

In the next month or so my short novel, Jean Desjardins, should be out.

Click on the painting on the right-hand sidebar, and you’ll be taken to the synopsis.  Once it’s published, you’ll find the first chapter at the same location. For those interested in reading more, the book will be available at the ridiculously high price of $1.99.


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12 thoughts on “Jean Desjardins

  1. Sounds wonderful Tom, I’m looking forward to it! And I see there are two dogs in the story, so I’m sniffing an upcoming post on my blog for the book when it’s available if that’s okay with you. Congratulations!


  2. Of course it would be.



  3. Well done, Tom!


  4. Thanks. Quite pleased. It has been a long time coming.


  5. Congrats, Tom! I await JD eagerly, even at the ‘exorbitant’ price of $1.99!


  6. Thanks. I know the price is too high, but I’ve got to keep those wolves from the door.


  7. congratulations Tom – that is quite the feat – looking forward to reading it.


  8. Thanks. I hope it’s the first of many.


  9. Sounds good. Is it going to be on Amazon? I’d like to get the e-book.


  10. Your book aside – which I have not yet read – I was amazed at your list of books on the right. What an eclectic list it is. Many have been my companions since I was 14. The others I now want to read. Thank you.


  11. My pleasure.

    Who are your favorite writers? What are your favorite books?

    There is nothing quite like finding a really good book. At present, I’m reading Life and Fate by Vasily Grossman, which has been an incredible read and which not long ago I was not even aware existed.


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