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An Immodest Proposal

Unlike Jonathan Swift in A Modest Proposal, I’m deadly serious.

Consider this a heads-up for those considering parting with their hard-earned cash or ill-gotten gains.

Jean Desjardins is short. At just over 40,000 words, it might be better classified a novella. However, it’s said to be a word in bad repute these days, and besides I’ve never much liked the term myself

If you like literary fiction and/or magic realism, the book might be of interest. If you’re interested in lots of action of the bomb-blowing variety, it’s not for you.

The first chapter, which I’ll be posting next week, will probably give you the best indication of whether it’s something you’d like to read in its entirety.

I’m in the final stages of formatting, having spent more time than I care to admit on proofreading.

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17 thoughts on “An Immodest Proposal

  1. Looking forward to the preview…


  2. As i am not a fan of gratuitous explosions, i’ll await your excerpt… and then swiftly decide if it’s something i’d like to read. (pun naturally intended)


  3. I’m just gonna read the whole thing when it comes out. I like literary fiction AND gratuitous explosions, so I’m good either way.


  4. Looking forward to it too.


  5. I will definitely read it. I like your poems a lot.


  6. Best wishes and congratulations!!! Can’t wait to read the preview and full book!


  7. Thanks for liking my post. I appreciate that you took the time to stop by. I have looked at your blog and it is a good one. I will return often. Keep up your great writings.


  8. I’ll give your chapter 1 a read!


  9. Time well spent, I am sure. I showed your page to a friend who has finished her 900th revision of her novel ( I exaggerate only slightly). She found it interesting, and wondered how effective you found the b,go in promoting it.


  10. thomasasimard on said:

    I hate to think of how many times I’ve revised it in its very long and colorful history. Saying I started in the mid 80s will give you some idea…

    But at some point, you’ve got to stop and tell yourself, it is what it is, and to paraphrase John Prine, it ain’t what it ain’t.

    I’ve had more than 1,500 hits since starting the blog so at least more people are aware of its existence. How far that translates into people wanting to buy it is open to question. While I certainly would like lots of people to read it, my expectations are extremely modest.


  11. Thank you for visiting my blog. I know what you mean about the editing process. You write – wonderful, creative energy process. You edit – improve. You edit – cut. You edit – get rid of that. You edit – change. You edit – what am I doing? You edit – aargh! You edit – is my story still there? You edit – or is it a rewrite? You edit – more commas. Does it ever end? For every two seconds of the glorious creative bit there are years of editing. But if you’re ready to post a chapter – well done you.


  12. Looking forward to it!


  13. Please send it on to me. I’ll enjoy having a read.


  14. Thanks for visiting my blog. I’ve downloaded your first chapter to read later this week. Don’t have any worries about the term, Novella. Some of the greatest books were novellas: Thomas Mann’s Death in Venice, Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness. With the new digital format for reading now available the 40,000 word novella length is perfect for this new medium. Write on!


  15. I look forward to reading chapter 1 of your novella…I now read mainly on my Kindle and find I like “short”stories, maybe more than long drawn out books. I don’t have a way with words, and I usually gravitate to fluffy reading as it is my way of relaxing, I don’t have to think a great deal…I have no idea what kind of writer you are as we just met but I’m happy to read your excerpt!

    Thank you for stopping by…


  16. Good for you , I have always heard that writing a novella is much harder than writing a novel. I am studying grammar again late in life and I can see how difficult it is to be short, concise,and still capture interest. I look forward to reading it.


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