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If you follow this blog, you may recall I said I was pricing my novel, Jean Desjardins, at $1.99. I did this wrongly assuming it would entitle me to to the 70% rather than the 35% royalty option. I take it my misunderstanding has to do with my inability/unwillingness to follow instructions. It’s a good thing the military turned me down all those years ago. If not, I might have found myself court-martialed.

What I’ve decided therefore is to price it lower at $.99 and perhaps at some point in the future, raise the price so I can take advantage of the 70% royalty option. I’m not planning on doing this any time soon, but if and when I do, I’ll be sure to give everyone fair warning.

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5 thoughts on “Court-Martialed?

  1. veraersilia on said:

    You are so fair with this fair warning… I have not had time to go back to fully read the intro you posted but I will later today, and then download it on my kindle. I really need a fable to lighten my days. It is a kind of fable isn’t it ?


  2. It certainly has elements of a fable.


  3. Awesome! I’m excited to read it. November 29th.


  4. damn the fineprintiness of this techy world, so many options, click this button for that or this but maybe it means something else entirely, you have to guess what the world wants at this moment in time, not 2 seconds ago, NOW, I could put my paintings in print, for 10% of sale price, or 90% if its just this one print, what to do, what to do????
    make it $2.99, sometimes a higher price makes it priceless.


    • Understood completely.

      Great comment about trying to guess what the world wants at any particular moment. It is completely futile.

      I will price it at $2.99 but at some point in the future. I just wouldn’t feel good telling everyone I was pricing it at $1.99 and then telling them, well, it’s actually more. What matters to me is not so much the price but the 70% royalty option, but then again I’m not making my living off writing.

      Speaking of clicking, what has astounded me more than anything else is how very few people click links in posts that I would have thought essential to understanding what I was trying to say. I take it as a sign everyone is in too much of a hurry. It is not for nothing Walden Pond holds a certain appeal.


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