Tom Simard

Poetry, Music, and Prose

The Blurb

The Sacred Wall is the last remaining vestige of a temple built in antiquity by those who hearkening to the whisper of the wind fled northward from devastating flames that threatened to engulf the entire world. It is now the resting place of Paul Boulard, celebrated archaeologist and linguist, who stunned a country on the point of revolution by unearthing ancient lost cities long thought to have been a myth. Jean Desjardins, a university student, lives with the consequences of this discovery. Nearing graduation, he watches with concern as his professors fall into disfavor with the harsh nationalist government of François Régimbal. As strict legislation is enacted and freedom of speech curtailed, he falls in love with Marie, an art school graduate with a passion for Dutch still lifes. When his wealthy bumbling landlord takes a mysterious trip abroad leaving him in charge of his affairs, the lucrative contract Jean signs is not everything it seems. But then neither are Enoch and Elijah, the two extraordinary dogs who have befriended the young couple.

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7 thoughts on “The Blurb

  1. exiledprospero on said:

    instead of

    who stunned a country on the point of revolution by unearthing ancient lost cities

    do you mean

    who stirred a country to near revolution by unearthing ..

    the way it’s written it isn’t clear if there is a causal link between unearthing lost cities and a country at the point of revolution (i’m assuming there is).

    But regardless, I’m ready to start reading…

    The part about the dogs surprised (and delighted) me. i’m really anxious to get started.


    • thomasasimard on said:

      No, I mean the country was on the point of revolution when he unearthed the lost ancient cities, which stunned the country.

      Glad to hear you’re keen to read it.


  2. Extraordinary dogs? I’m in!


  3. Your character has an interesting surname. It happens, also, to be one of my family names a few generations back. Was there any reason you chose this name?


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