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Jean Desjardins is Available

For those of you who are interested, Jean Desjardins, is now available for purchase at $.99. With the great profits I plan to reap a whirlwind of hard cash that will allow me to quit my day job and live out the rest of my years in Lugano with a Bentley.

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20 thoughts on “Jean Desjardins is Available

  1. Amazon can be bizarre. My novel ‘The Vault’ is priced at $5.20 – yet when I go to it’s Amazon page while logged in to my account it shows up as $7.40!
    Try looking up your book while NOT logged in to Amazon and see what the price is.
    Oh, and enjoy Lugano!


  2. Purchased! I have another book I’m finishing (I’m a slow reader, sadly), but I can’t wait to start JD. I’ll let you know when I finish.


    And thank you for offering your novel at such a reasonable price!


    • First off, thanks. I feel good about it. And quite pleased to be able to be free to begin again another novel I’ve been working on for what seems like an eternity.

      Take your time.

      I’ve been so busy with it that I’ve unfortunately put my own reading aside, which is unforgivable. I can’t wait to start up another. I’ve got in mind one by Gershom Scholem on Sabbatai Sevi.

      What are you reading these days?


      • I’ve got in mind one by Gershom Scholem on Sabbatai Sevi.

        Always with the lowbrow stuff, you. I kid, but your reading list sometimes makes mine sound like a Dick & Jane primer.

        As you know, I ‘read’ most of my books on audio. Right now I’m listening to “Winter’s Bone” by Daniel Woodrell (surprisingly good) and a lecture series on the Hellenistic Age. I’m actually ‘reading’ (and this is the kind of reading that takes me forever) Carrie Rubin’s “The Seneca Scourge.”


      • I liked Winter’s Bone quite a lot.

        What’s the name of the lecture series on the Hellenistic Age?


  3. exiledprospero on said:

    Actually, it was $2.99. You are now dutybound to buy my first novel (expected in 2050)–just so you know…


    • From what I can gather, in countries that are part of the Amazon Royalty Scheme, it’s priced at $.99, but not so in other places. I would have thought they would have priced it comparable in other regions but obviously they haven’t.

      I hate to tell you how old I’ll be in 2050 so unless in the future one is able to buy books from the grave, I’d get that novel finished…


  4. “Lugano with a Bentley” Nice title for a book!

    I came here from Isobel and Cat’s place because the painting in the gravatar caught my eye. Will you please direct me to the painter?

    Congratulations on finishing your book. Take a few minutes to dream of repetitive 99 cents-es!



  5. Congrats! Sounds like a great plan;)


  6. I like that goal – may it be soon!


  7. I am reading Edith Wharton ‘s House of Mirth in English and Santiago Carrillo’ s autobiography. As soon as I finish I will read yours. Lugano is beautiful!! No sea, though,


    • I would be interested in hearing what you think of the Wharton. I must have read it about thirty years back. I liked it.

      I admit having to look up who Santiago Carillo was. I’d not heard of him but now know at least a little about him.

      Do you like Manuel Vázquez Montalbán? I’ve thoroughly enjoyed what I’ve read of his.


      • I like him very much as a writer and liked him a lot as a human being. Pol’ s father was his publisher and they were close friends. Fancy your mentioning him! I’ll tell you about The House of Mirth, I loved The Age of Innocence.


      • Interesting!

        Thankfully, a friend introduced me to his writings a few years back, and since then I’ve probably read three or four of his books including his one on Barcelona.

        I also liked The Age of Innocence.


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