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Wednesday’s Choice

Taste is pretty subjective.  I like mostly rock, jazz, and classical music, and for this reason, every Wednesday I will be providing a link to a song or piece from my list of Top 20 Albums.

Number 1 on my rock list is Blonde on Blonde.

The lyrics:


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5 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Choice

  1. Great choice! B on B is one of my favourite Dylan albums!


  2. Great idea! I look forward to them.


  3. Yeah, memphis blues again is one of my favorites from that album too.


  4. So many to choose from!

    “Now the senator came down here
    Showing ev’ryone his gun
    Handing out free tickets
    To the wedding of his son
    An’ me, I nearly got busted
    An’ wouldn’t it be my luck
    To get caught without a ticket
    And be discovered beneath a truck.”


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