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The lliad

I received  an email allegedly from a well-known mobile phone company on Tuesday, whose name will remain undisclosed, and while I’m not sure they actually did send it, considering the number of text messages and calls we receive desperately pleading with us that we are losing out, one does have to wonder.

Yesterday, I finally got round to ordering The Iliad in Kindle format.

Last night, while running an anti-virus scan, what should I discover but….a Backdoor.Trojan. Yes, from the email I had received but deleted.

In case you’re interested, there are a number of us who are going to be reading The Iliad, and posting and commenting on it as we see fit.

I’ll be the first to admit I’m not a scholar though I do have great respect for those who are. My idea is just to begin posting impressions of it as and if they come.


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One thought on “The lliad

  1. A backdoor Trojan? How art imitates life?


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