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I have noticed for quite some time a difference between what I want in a movie and what I get.  Certainly an easy way of explaining this is that I’m not part of the age group being targeted, namely one that grew up with video games a tad more sophisticated than Pong, which actually only came into existence when I was in junior high school.

Movies tend to move at such a breakneck speed that I am at a lost to understand exactly how this or that is connected.  Perhaps that is my mistake.  They aren’t connected but thrown together as randomly as the colors on a Jackson Pollock canvas. I tend to see them as equivalent to a sophisticated Blair Witch Project or as a conjurer who must distract your attention so they can perform their magic.

Give me The Man in the White Suit any day.

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4 thoughts on “Razamataz

  1. Showers of Roses on said:

    They don’t make movies the way they used to anymore. Interesting-sounding movie — The Man in the White Suit.


  2. I can hear that machine in the background. Beep, boop, boop.


  3. Just a fantastic film.

    Speaking of which, I really do need to lay my hands on this:


  4. I’d like to see the original Ladykillers. I watched the remake and it was abysmal. It was so bad that I, who am certainly no stranger to pottymouthery most foul, found myself asking, “Why did they have to make it so vulgar?”


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