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The Drive for Empty Space – December 27

As you can imagine, it’s difficult to find a picture of empty space so I have improvised accordingly.



My drive for a Bentley shall we say has crashed. Don’t get me started on that wonderful villa in Lugano that I set my heart upon.

Empty space, however? At present, it still appears to be free. My novel will be as well on December 27. I’m going to begin playing with the price from Monday so be forewarned. If you wonder why a $.99 novel is suddenly priced at $99, you’ll understand. By the way, what would you rather be in possession of an electric chain saw or a novel? Please, don’t answer.



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2 thoughts on “The Drive for Empty Space – December 27

  1. Despite your injunction not to answer, my penchant for anti-authoritarian behavior (in such instances where the personal consequences of said behavior is low) compels me to answer anyway.

    I’d go with the novel. The electric saw would be my road to a few less fingers.


  2. Anti-authoritarian tendencies, and here I never suspected…

    I think the novel is the wiser choice and even at its present highly inflated price and I say that, of course, with nothing at stake – only the well being of those 8 fingers of yours.

    Your “few less fingers” comment reminds me of when I worked in a kitchen and was unfortunately responsible for cleaning the meat slicing machine. I escaped with all of my fingers but cuts galore!


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