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A Morning Cocktail

When I do drink, which is rarely, it is usually a Weiss beer or a bone-dry white wine, but never a cocktail. So morning…?

The first bag of dog food I saw was chicken flavored. That set off a series of alarms in my head or probably more accurately memories in which I was repeatedly told as a child not to give our dog chicken bones as he’d choke on them. The cocktail mix I chose last week was therefore I imagine a more logical choice.

In my morning walks I come across stray dogs, and they always seem to be appreciative of any food or attention that comes their way.



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3 thoughts on “A Morning Cocktail

  1. This made me smile. I’ve always believed the chicken bone thing, but when you think about it, dogs have all the culinary refinement of the Beverly Hillbillies. Possum necks? Chicken bones? Dogs will eat it all.

    It’s kinda like the the scenario of the ‘cat stuck in a tree.’ Ever seen a dead cat in a tree? Me either.


    • Their last name is Clampett in other words…

      For sure dogs will eat everything but whether they should…

      I just did a quick search and while I won’t vouch for the results, it seems vets advise against giving cooked chicken bones to dogs – apparently raw ones are okay.


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