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Five Books to Consider Reading in 2013

Here are the 5 best books I read this year.

1. Life and Fate

2. Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee

3. Regulating the Poor

4. The Diary of a Madman, The Government Inspector, and Selected Stories

5. The Buenos Aires Quintet


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12 thoughts on “Five Books to Consider Reading in 2013

  1. nice lineup… what did you think of MIDDLESEX?


  2. I’ve not read it.


  3. Even before I read your list of recommended reads, I knew it wouldn’t be prosaic. Of the five books, I’ve actually read one: Bury My Heart. I read it many moons ago (questionable pun most definitely intended) for a class on the American West. I don’t remember much about it except that it’s heartbreaking.

    Despite the embarrassing amount of time I’m taking with “The Seneca Scourge,” “Jean Desjardins” (my copy is waiting for me on my iPad) will be the first new book I read in 2013.


  4. thanks for the like. may i ask why? feed back in the blogosphere is hard to come by, i’ll reciprocate. i’ll tackle #5 and maybe #4 as soon as if caught with my gombrich.


    • Of course you may, and it’s a reasonable question. Not sure if I can articulate exactly why though I will try. I like the drawing, the questions you raised, the sentiments expressed, and the challenge of trying to connect the text with the drawing. It’s often what I’m faced with when I see something of Martin Rowson (without as much text).


  5. Hello – best reads as promised. Last book year (June 2011 to June 2012 – reflects historically reading for pleasure again after exam time) 1. George Orwell Diaries 2. Hotel Du Lac 3. Treasure Island 4. Petersburg (Bely) 5. Call for the dead.
    So far this book year 1. A Winter’s Book (Tove Jansson) 2. Confessions (Rousseau) 3. The facts behind the Helsinki Roccamatios. Always looking for recommendations of contemporary fiction. Have started short stories of Margaret Drabble. Hassan’s Tower excellent, but her ‘voice’ may now be beginning to grate.


  6. Your earlier mention of Confessions made me want to reread it so as it’s already on my to–get list. Petersburg is as well. I think I came across it while visiting a blog I frequent:

    As for your other books, I’ve taken a look and decided A Winter’s Book looks like the one to get.

    I thought Winter’s Bone was a great read.


  7. I usually hate recommending books as too often it’s not been for them and they are not finished. So now i have 2mental lists; one to recommend and the other my favourite reads. The Orwell diaries have topped the latter for a while, but noone’s taken up the recommendation yet! Confessions were great. I’m a bit haunted by a sentence at the end “…I was surrounded by that profound darkness, which it is impossible for me to penetrate, so as to arrive at any kind of truth.” Something anyone who’s had mental health issues will recognise.


  8. What a sentence.


  9. Will definitely pick up “Regulating the Poor”; thanks, Tom!


  10. It’s a great read.


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