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Wednesday’s Choice

Number 2 in Classical is the Chopin nocturnes.

If you like, listen to one or many.


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7 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Choice

  1. Showers of Roses on said:

    Very nice. Thank you!


  2. Sue Brown on said:

    Beautiful pieces, thank you :)


  3. Great choice! I’m reminded of a bit of dialogue from “Tombstone,” which I paraphrase.
    “Don’tcha know any Stephen Foster? You know–Stephen F***ing Foster? What is that, anyway?”

    “It’s a nocturne. You know, Frederic F***ing Chopin.”


  4. I keep one collection of the Nocturnes in my CD jukebox – and have a Pandora channel, too.


  5. Don’t ask me where I’ve been but I didn’t even know there was a CD jukebox – I like the sound of it.


  6. Thanks for posting. It hit the spot.


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