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My Man Godfrey

For those who love the screwball comedies of the 30s and 40s and for some reason or another have not seen My Man Godfrey,  you are really missing out.


Roger Ebert’s got a great review, at the end of which he says:

“This movie, and the actors in it, and its style of production, and the system that produced it, and the audiences that loved it, have all been replaced by pop culture of brainless vulgarity. But the movie survives, and to watch it is to be rescued from some people who don’t care that it makes a difference … to some people.”

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4 thoughts on “My Man Godfrey

  1. Thanks! I will find it.


  2. It’s a great movie – Lombard is nothng short of radiant, and as for Powell, his wonderful witty lines are delivered so effortlessly. The whole cast, however, is excellent in their respective roles as was often the case in movies of that era.

    Hopefully, before long I’ll get round to ordering The Thin Man movies
    ( I should also start thinking of getting a hold of the book on which it’s based. I’ve only read Red Harvest of Hammett, which I really enjoyed – such splendidly lean prose.

    Hope you like it!


  3. I’m not too familiar with movies of the 30s, although I’ve seen many of the Universal monster flicks. Is this based on the PG Wodehouse series? I’ve read a few of those stories and really enjoyed them.


  4. No, it’s not. Don’t know if I’ve ever read Wodehouse. What would you recommend?

    I’m quite sure you’d love it.

    As far as I’m concerned, James Whale’s Frankenstein is as good as they come.


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