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Book 1 (Initial Impression)

It is told so clearly that even someone not familiar with the storyline would have little difficulty. The language is superb and the words flow so readily it was as if I were reading Wordsworth’s The Prelude.

Thetis says to her son Achilles:
“If only you could have stayed by the ships, without tears,
without pain, since your life is destined to be so short.
Not only must you die young, but your fleeting days
are doomed to be full of sorrow beyond all others.”


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2 thoughts on “Book 1 (Initial Impression)

  1. Great quote! And based on that short snippet, it does seem like a fairly accessible version. Someday I’ll read it, I hope. And I further hope there are enough “somedays” for all the things I want to read.


  2. It really is. I’m suitably impressed.

    I hope you live to a ripe old age and are able to read everything you want to.


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