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Wednesday’s Choice

Number 3 (Classical) is Mozart’s The Requiem Mass in D Minor.

Take a little listen.


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5 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Choice

  1. Lovely. Thank you!


  2. Another winner!


  3. It’s very hard to go wrong with Mozart…

    People tend to think of his music as light and frivolous (from Amadeus?), and certainly there is in much of his music a sort of transcendant joy. But there are so many other emotions at play in his work.

    Classical music is what I listen to most these days. I’ll go through phases when I tend to listen to one composer more than another. But over the years I’ve found that Mozart, Bach, and Haydn are the ones I can always listen to.


    • I’m not as familiar with Haydn, but I like both Bach and Mozart quite a bit. I’ve performed Bach’s Wachet Auf as part of a choir, which was really neat. The Carmina Burana (an altogether more modern work–sort of) was also fun to perform.


  4. Neither of the pieces ring a bell, but since I’ve got all of Bach’s cantatas, I’ll check the Wachet Auf out. I will give it a listen to this morning. I’ll also see what I make of the other one as well.


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