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Book 11 (Questions)

1) Iphidamas fights on the side of the Trjoans, and we are told he died “trying to help his countrymen.” (11.239)  Yet it says he grew up in Thrace and later went to Troy.  Curious about the use of countrymen and wonder about what the word means in Greek.

2)  “With an onion as spice for the drink.”   (11.582)  Onion in a drink as a spice?


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3 thoughts on “Book 11 (Questions)

  1. Hi, Tom don’t forget this is a translation. The choice of “countrymen” comes from the particular translator. Another translator might have chosen a different term. And then your questions ought to be addressed at the the term actually used in the original ancient Greek. That term then would be based on the Greek way of thinking and living as expressed in the poem itself. Not on how today we interpret the term.
    Equally the use of onions for flavoring and other food habits cannot be looked at from our own point of view, but must be understood from theirs.


  2. They also added water to their wine, generally considered a no-no today.


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