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I do love Canaletto.


Here are 585 of his works.

Tracy Cooper (in this article) says of him, “Of all the Venetian view painters, Canaletto took the most trouble to give every single one of the figures its own character and individuality. This is even truer of the dogs which clearly held a special place in his affections – each one is portrayed with movement and vibrancy.”

I’ve not counted, but there are an awfully lot of dogs!

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4 thoughts on “Canaletto

  1. Interesting post. I did not know that he gave so much attention to give the figures individual character.


  2. Thanks for the gift of all those Canalettos!
    I adore his paintings, and they’re so hard to get to see in real life —
    Every figure is a story!


  3. My pleasure. The complete works site is a delight beyond compare.


  4. susan wellington art on said:

    I totally agree with you Tom. I’ve always loved Canaletto too. The detail is extraordinary. The panorama of life.


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