Tom Simard

Poetry, Music, and Prose

The Gang of Four


OkraBucket_of_raw_okra_pods(Photographer: Bill Tarpenning)

Cuttlefish800px-Sepia_-_Ojos_Negros_(Teruel)(Photographer: Mover el Bigote)

Liver744px-Pig's_liver_with_sauteed_onion(Photographer: FotoosVanRobin)

Coconut739px-Brokencoconut(Photographer: Tom Woodward)

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4 thoughts on “The Gang of Four

  1. Ha! This took me a second, but I love the nod to the aftermath of the Cultural Revolution.

    Fresh coconut has no place in this list of scoundrels.


  2. At last someone has come to defend the honor of the much maligned coconut. While I do dislike it immensely, I’ll admit its taste is nowhere near as hideous as the others.


  3. I love cuttlefish!


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