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The Power of One

Education is so important, and the influence of a kind, thoughtful teacher can stay with you an entire lifetime.

That’s the way I feel about Miss B. It was 1970, and on Fridays she would bring in her guitar, and turning on the overhead projector she’d place the transparency with the lyrics of a song she’d written in that beautiful hand of hers. She would start strumming. We would all start singing. Here are 2 of the songs I remember:

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14 thoughts on “The Power of One

  1. What a remarkable teacher!


  2. She really was.


  3. Cool ! So nice to have an inspirational teacher !! Tks Tom !


  4. I know the Hoyt Axton song as a Woody Guthrie/Cisco Houston song–“900 Miles.” It’s true. The world is really getting smaller.


  5. I didn’t know the song but just had a listen to Bromberg doing it.


  6. I play no guitar but I sing in class. Some of my students chuckle or laugh, some sing along. Honestly, from an educator’s point of view, we’re fun because the class is. I don’t sing in all the classes, only those with wonderful students. As much as you think Ms B. is awesome, I bet she thinks the same way about your classmates and you! ;)


  7. I agree, the influence of a good teacher can last a lifetime.


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