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Wednesday’s Choice

Number 11 in Classical is Corelli’s 12 Concerti Grossi, Op. 6.


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7 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Choice

  1. orijinalchris on said:

    Nice… Vivaldi meets Dvorak (:


  2. Interesting!

    I don’t know that much of Dvorak actually – only From the New World and one of his cello concertos, both of which I really like. I’d love to hear what you like of his, and I’ll give it a listen to.


    • orijinalchris on said:

      I don’t know all that much about him, either (apparently, historically, no one does!), I used to have some of his work on vinyl, but I was recently forced to dispose of my cumbersome vinyl hoard. I now only have String Quartet in F Op.96 ‘American’ (Orlando Quartet), which I have always liked. When I listened to your post, I was a bit tired, and I thought, ‘who does this sound like?’ and the Vivaldi/Dvorak comparison popped up. I realise, now, it sounded like Corelli! I’d thought I’d not heard any, but realise I had some on one of my Naxos collections, once. So the comparison may not be all that germane.


      • “I realise, now, it sounded like Corelli.”

        Loved that.

        I love listening and hearing shades of other composers or particular works of theirs. I had that recently while listening to one of the symphonies of Haydn where I swore I heard something that would later be a prominent part of Beethoven’s 5th. I mentioned that to a friend, and since then I’ve been trying to track down which one it was but haven’t found it yet though I’m still convinced it’s there!

        I’ll give that string quartet a listen to. Thanks.


  3. I had a listen to the String Quartet in F Op.96 – loved it.


  4. This was lovely to work by. Thanks for posting it!


  5. Great to hear!

    My pleasure.


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