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Carlo Crivelli

I’m presently reading Umberto Eco’s History of Beauty and am coming across a number of artists I was not familiar with.  Here are some of the works of Carlo Crivelli:





The Source/Photographer for all the above images is The Yorck Project.

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6 thoughts on “Carlo Crivelli

  1. orijinalchris on said:

    Loved Foucault’s Pendulum, was less impressed with The Name of the Rose and never even finished The Mysterious Flame of Queen Loana.


  2. I seem to recall trying to read The Name of the Rose but not getting very far.

    I’m enjoying the History of Beauty – I’m being introduced to lots of new works and artists, which I hope to explore.

    I’ll read a little bit about Foucault’s Pendulum and see if it might be to my liking.


  3. Forest So Green on said:

    I have not heard of The History of Beauty, it looks like something I would enjoy, thanks :) Annie


  4. Crivelli is amazing – a real one-off, even by the standards of his time. The National Gallery’s website is worth a look if you want to see more of his work (they have an excellent collection of it)…


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