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Sketch 4: A Man Fallen

It was a beautiful spring day when I went for my morning walk.  I was nearing my home when I saw what at first I wasn’t able to process: an arm moving about near a curb where a number of taxis were parked.  The motion was similar to that of Icarus in that famous painting.  As I approached I realized it was an old man who had fallen in the street near a curb where a number of taxis were parked. He had hit his forehead and was bleeding.  I tried to lift him but was unable to, and so I looked about and elicited help from a passerby.  We got him up and seated on a nearby park bench.   A woman seeing his condition went to a nearby kiosk and got some water, and when she returned began to clean off his forehead.  Should we call an ambulance?  Did he want us to call someone to pick him up?  He answered no to both, and what was clear in his beautiful blue eyes was that he didn’t want be a burden to anyone.


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4 thoughts on “Sketch 4: A Man Fallen

  1. Very moving Tom. My mind runs – who was he? What is his story? Where did he go to after the fall? Thank you.


  2. All very good questions. To be honest, I don’t know. When I left he was still sitting on the park bench and there were taxi drivers and others still trying to convince him to get help.


  3. Suzanne on said:

    What a lovely compassionate piece of writing. I have had a similar experience helping an old man fallen in the street only to hear he didn’t want further help. One can only hope they make a full recovery.


  4. How did you interpret his not wanting help?
    In my case, it was clearly that he did not want to be a burden. But I can also imagine other reasons like the desire to do it on their own – independence.
    Yes, let’s hope they did.


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