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First Review of Watercolors

Very pleased to see my poetry collection, Watercolors, has its first review on Amazon, here.

Thanks to Reinhard for taking the time to write it.

For those interested in learning more behind the poems, sketchesinprose, which is another of my blogs, does that very thing.

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16 thoughts on “First Review of Watercolors

  1. Forest So Green on said:

    Is your book in the Google store?


  2. Forest So Green on said:

    Thanks :)


  3. Congratulations Tom!


  4. Thanks!

    I hope it’ll encourage others to decide it’s something they’d like to read as well.


  5. Congratulations!


  6. I know I enjoyed it.


  7. Congratulations on this achievement.


    • Thanks. Very happy to read it. It’s a good feeling when someone gets what you’re trying to do.
      Watercolors is going to be free on 3 October, so more people will likely read it, and hopefully, write reviews as well.


      • You may count on my thrippence worth. (A lovely word, ‘thrippence’, even money has lost something of elegance it seems… Sorry, got off on a tangent, what I mean is, I’ll certainly post my comments.
        BTW, thanks for your support on my little blog. It’s only a few weeks old but growing surprisingly fast!


      • Good. I’m hoping to get as many reviews on Amazon as I can. It’ll be interesting to see how many I can give away.

        Really like what you’re doing.


      • The next one I promise to pay for!

        And thank you for the compliment.


      • Sounds good!

        You’re very welcome. I’ve only just begun to explore your blog but am looking forward to going through it slowly.


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