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Sketch 6: The Hatchet

For readers in the U.S., the poem should be self-explanatory.  For others are who aren’t familiar with the story, have a look here.

Do they still have portraits of George Washington in elementary school classrooms?  They did when I was young.


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5 thoughts on “Sketch 6: The Hatchet

  1. So poignant Tom. It certainly speaks in to our society as well. We’ve become strangers to the truth.


  2. Last year, I read “His Excellency: George Washington,” by Joseph J. Ellis. Fantastic!!! There are so many stories that are forgotten in the folds of time….


  3. I’ll check it out. Thanks!


  4. I hope they do. I went back to visit my elementary school last year and I didn’t notice….hmmm


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