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My Juggling Day Are Over

And you never knew I worked in a circus…

For those who may not be aware I had other blogs with this as the primary one but I’ve decided to merge them all, which means there are probably any number of posts in my archives that you haven’t either listened to or read.



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8 thoughts on “My Juggling Day Are Over

  1. Tom, does this mean that this WordPress blog is going away? (Have to know before I click “Like” but actually if it makes your life easier, it’s a “Like. Just want to make sure that I can still read what you write!)


  2. No, this WordPress blog is going to stay. I have merged the other ones with this one.


  3. Forest So Green on said:

    It must be a lot of work to have more than one blog, Annie


  4. That ‘ s why I wasn’ t able to read Sketches in Prose anymore! I can’ t write for the moment, but I still want to read you.


  5. I suppose you were wondering what had happened!
    From now on all of the sketches in prose will be on this site as will the mid-month’s poet/poem.


  6. multiple blogs! I can’t keep up with one. You overachiever you! :)


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