Tom Simard

Poetry, Music, and Prose

Being the Youngest 1

“The neighbors’ house needs painting. You’re such a good little worker. Here’s a can of paint. Surprise them!”

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7 thoughts on “Being the Youngest 1

  1. hmmm… youngest… plus house paint… plus surprise… equals racing stripes. Vroom vroom, what a fast looking house. :)


  2. Imagine that didn’t even cross my mind!


  3. Youngest 1 in the gulag, maybe!


  4. Reminds me of the story my friend Lois tells. She and her mother and sister would go to dinner at a relative’s. When the relative would get up to clear the table, her mother would say, Don’t bother, Lois will do it!
    If the relative came to their house for dinner, at the end of the meal the relative would start for the kitchen saying, Let me help. Her mother would say — you got it — No no, don’t bother, Lois will do it.
    (I will say, though, did Lois grow up to be a wonderful person.)


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