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A Little Introduction as to What Will Follow

One of the great things about blogging is the people you meet.
For a long time I’ve taken an interest in John Spiers’ blog where he talks about the renovations he’s doing on his house getting it ready for its centennial.  Recently, I came to discover he drew, and through a series of short exchanges we decided to do an experiment – I would write poems inspired by his sketches, and he would draw sketches inspired by my poems.
This is going to be done at a very leisurely pace and no promises will be made as to how often or how many sketches and poems there will be. I hope you enjoy.


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4 thoughts on “A Little Introduction as to What Will Follow

  1. That’s a lovely idea! Creativity pooled expands joy! Looking forward to the posts.


  2. This collaboration sounds very exciting! good luck to you both.


    • It is!

      I’ve just been at work on the second poem that is on 3 sketches John just sent me. Ideas are starting to come and a story is developing. We’ll see where it leads…

      Thanks, Carol.


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