Tom Simard

Poetry, Music, and Prose

The Record Shop

The Record Shop

The albums you found
among the racks
the long fluorescent lights

Bursting smoke
came from
the cargo trains
that sped down
the tracks
where the hoboes
did not skip as much as

The needle dropped
and the vinyl spun
on the old turntable
housed in a cabinet
in the living room –
opening your eyes,
and chronicling
the years.

Poem by Tom Simard
Sketch by John Spiers

To find out more about John’s other creative work, please visit 1 Graphic 50 Words.


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7 thoughts on “The Record Shop

  1. Your poem takes me back. Decades slip away. How I recall dancing to the tunes, just enjoying the carefree moment. Thank you, Tom.


    • Thanks, Judy.

      Music has always been such an important part of my life, and so intricately linked with it.

      One of my earliest memories is sitting with my older sister in the movie theater watching A Hard Day’s Night. Needless to say, she was crazy about the Beatles…


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  3. Great list on “GoodReads”, Tom! Thanks!


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