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Granby Street

Granby Street

I walk down Granby Street
all these years later.

I was taken
to see a world
I’d never known
of rolling clouds
over mountain peaks,
of crashing waves and
insufferable heat.

I never knew
if I’d return
or be buried
at sea.


All along the
moving about
in riotous dance,
duffel bags
slung easily
over shoulders.

I bought the
best suit
I could afford
and a pair of shoes
to impress
a  lady.

Poem by Tom Simard
Sketches by John Spiers

To find out more about John’s other creative work, please visit 1 Graphic 50 Words.

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7 thoughts on “Granby Street

  1. This poem expresses so well the experiences of so many who have served in the military. Reading these words, I feel as though I am walking down Granby Street and remembering as well. Very nice.


    • Much appreciated.

      I really like how the storyline of this one developed. It started off with some of what you told me of the area and then continued as I thought a little about my uncle who was in the Navy, and my dad, who served in the Army, telling me that when he said goodbye to his mom and sister he had no idea how long he’d be away or if he’d ever see them again.


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  3. Well done, a wonderful collaboration. Looking forward to more in the future.


  4. Nice post, Tom. The sketches as well (did you do those?)!


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