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Wednesday’s Choice

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10 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Choice

  1. I listened to the Levellers so much back in the early 1980s! So cool. My favourite is their version of the Devil went down to Georgia.


  2. Believe it or not, I don’t know them except for this song, which I heard a long time ago and made a real impression on me – I think it was a televised live concert of theirs. I will see whether I can’t find The Devil Went Down to Georgia online. Which of their albums would you recommend?


    • Oh they’re all good but I think their first few albums were the best: ‘Levelling the Land’ is the absolute masterpiece. The first album ‘A weapon called the word’ is fun too. The third album ‘The Levellers’ had some good tracks too but I love the energy and passion of their early work most of all. Ah this takes me back…


  3. Hell, Tom I just wanted to get up and dance,


  4. I just got introduced to another great band! Thanks, Tom; this song has been added to my ever-growing list. Lovely tune.


  5. My pleasure. It really is – it has stayed with me since I first heard it.


  6. Nice. I’ve never heard of the Levellers. Are they Irish? They sound Irish. That is to say, not altogether sober.


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