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Sketch 10: Notes

The poem from Watercolors this month is Notes.

The words came to me as I thought about my experience of listening to Miles Davis’ Sketches of Spain.


Thanks are in order to Smaktakula for recommending this album to me.  Never having been a great fan of the trumpet, I found it nothing short of amazing to discover being swept away by the music.

I’ve only been to Spain twice, one time in Madrid, and the other in Barcelona.  But I have a great fondness for the country and language and would love to go south and visit Granada and Seville.

Have a listen:


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16 thoughts on “Sketch 10: Notes

  1. One of my favorite records…


  2. You should come….Miles has been in my hometown many times, during the Jazz Festival ( in Vitoria-Gasteiz)…


  3. One of the best albums ever! Do they still make albums? I play the whole thing often, on a CD but only the cuts that were on the vinyl. I’m no retro-hipster—ok maybe I am—but the out-takes added to fill the CD are not as good as the original presentation.


    • I still call them albums, too.
      Not sure why they include outtakes – maybe under the assumption that the more the better.
      Quantity over quality – so people feel they get their money’s worth?


  4. Brilliant music! There is so much so feeling it takes you away to a very nice place.


  5. Stunning! I had never listened to it before. I used (to try) to play it the classical composition by Joaquín Rodrigo when I was young. And I agree Vitoria-Gasteiz is indeed the best Jazz Festival in Spain by far.


  6. Wonderful to wake up to this; another song/album added to my list!


  7. Very nice to hear this. Enjoy!


  8. Glad you rediscovered this. I really dig this album, and I think it must’ve influenced Ennio Morricone when he composed his spaghetti western themes (particularly “For A Few Dollars More, which is a fave).

    I would like to go to Spain, although I’ve never been. I’d like to go just about anywhere, really.


    • I’d heard of it, but never listened to it until you mentioned it so thanks are in order.
      Morricone is great. I’d put The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly in my top ten list of movies.
      Spain is a beautiful country. I’d love to get back. I’d go about anywhere, too.


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