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Wednesday’s Choice


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4 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Choice

  1. Until this moment, I thought this was a 10,000 Maniacs song (they do a wonderful version of it–what I had thought of until now as “the only version of it.”).


    • I wasn’t aware they did it. I love Natalie Merchant’s voice so I’ll have a listen.
      John Prine is great. My two favorite albums of his are his debut, John Prine, and his third one, Sweet Revenge.
      Hello in There is from the first. Here’s another one:

      And here’s one from Sweet Revenge:


    • I just had a listen. I like it. She’s made it hers.


      • I’m glad to hear you liked it! You know, it did occur to me over the years when I would listen to this song that the narrator was male and obviously a generation or two older than Ms. Merchant (having lost his boy in Korea, I’d guess the narrator was born sometime around 1910-1915. But lots of singer-songwriters sing songs from the opposite gender’s point of view (Woody Guthrie’s “House of the Rising Sun” or Andy Prieboy’s more recent ((relatively recent, anyway; 1990)) “Loving the Highwayman” being great examples)), but I was finally convinced by the tag “I still don’t know what for,” following the revelation about Davey.


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