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Wednesday’s Choice


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14 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Choice

  1. You can’t go wrong with Suzanne – timeless wonderfulness!


  2. When I was a teenager, I called Leonard’s music ‘music to cut your wrists by’, but I long ago grew to love his art, and Suzanne is definitely one of his more beautiful works, though I first loved Neil Diamond’s version, back when I thought Leonard was depressing.


    • Great description!

      When I first heard it all those years ago i was transported. In fact, I still am. However, Leonard’s always been someone that I like only some of what he’s done.

      I don’t know Neil Diamond’s version but I’ll have a listen.


      • I was a huge Neil Diamond fan, back in the day, everything before Beautiful Noise, then I totally went off him.
        I pretty much came to like most of Leonard’s stuff, once again, mainly due to his cynicism and wit.


      • My only real exposure to Neil Diamond was hearing either music on the radio or in the background at my cousins as my aunt used to listen to him.
        Leonard’s got plenty of both!


      • Yes, I spent decades being embarrassed about my love of Neil Diamond, but I’m over that, now, his early work was gorgeous.


      • No reason to be embarrassed about anything one likes. Different strokes for different folks. Is one better than the other? It’s all personal taste, which varies. If people want to raise an eyebrow that I like a Roberta Flack song, then let them…
        What early album would you suggest I try?


      • Taproot Manuscript, Johnathan Livingston Seagull, Moods, Serenade, also, Hot August Night, which is a live, double album.


      • Thanks. I’ll try to give them a listen to in the next few days.


      • I seldom listen to him now, but still love that early stuff; it’s some of the soundtrack of my youth, some of the music I dreamed to as a teenaged apprentice to life.


      • Sweet Caroline and Cracklin’ Rosie are certainly part of the soundtrack of my youth, and they place me at a certain place at a certain time in the same way as earlier the early Beatles do (Do You Want to Know a Secret, A Taste of Honey, etc.)


      • Same here. Though, as I’m only 55, my Beatles timestamps were Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds, and A Day In The Life, which were still in the radio playlists when I was 12 and 13. I didn’t really get into the Beatles till I was about 19… they had been my older brothers music and, as such, I’d not been that interested in it. Also, during those early teen years, the Beatles had become muzak reinterpreted by all manner of schmaltzy covers bands, made bland and anaemic… didn’t hold much appeal to my young ears; I needed a bit of maturity to comprehend what astonishing geniuses John and Paul were.


  3. We’re about the same age. Those early Beatles song place me back when I was about 5. In fact, one of my earliest memories is being in a movie theater with my sister watching A Hard Day’s Night though it might have been Help!
    While I was influenced a lot by my older brothers (Dylan especially) and sister (Carole King, James Taylor, etc.) I never really got into the Beatles until I was in high school. But throughout childhood their music was always being played. Hey Jude is a song I associate with the same time as Sweet Caroline but a different place: it’s summer, we’re outside playing around a pool, and the radio is blaring, “Nah nah nah nah….”


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