Tom Simard

Poetry, Music, and Prose


If you find yourself on a river, 800px-Acheron_river_2(Photographer: Samuli Lintula)

and close your eyes,220px-Gustave_Dore,_The_Divine_comedy,_Inferno,_plate_9,_Charon,_The_Ferryman_of_Hell(Gustave Doré)

make sure you have ready a honey cake to pacify.Cerbere(Gustave Doré)

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8 thoughts on “Imagination

  1. Like.
    I make it a point not to go sailing without proper boating attire. And of course honey cakes to appease the great Pooh God of the Hundred-Acre Woods (& of course, river).


  2. Beautiful Thomas


  3. A fun idea. For me to be amused and a project for students…So I combined the 2 in photoshop for this reply but I can’t figure out how (if) you can embed an image in a comment, anyway the result is posted on my blog in published work > new published stuff.


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