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Your license, please.

For those who haven’t seen, worth a watch.  You can’t win for losing.

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11 thoughts on “Your license, please.

  1. orijinalchris on said:

    I’m not going to ‘like’ this, because I don’t… your country has some serious issues. In my country, the police are far less inbred and, thankfully, not overtly armed.


    • You ain’t kidding. Yes, it does unfortunately. While I’m uncertain whether race is anything more than a construct, it doesn’t stop people from believing that it is something extremely important.

      Good thing these things are captured on video because if they weren’t we’d only have the police’s side of it: “He dove into the car!”

      I have the impression, and it’s only that, that the police in the US are more willing and more able to use violence (guns, tasers, etc.) in a way that would have been unthinkable in the past. Don’t get me started about how so many departments are armed to the teeth as if they were at war.

      Your country has a lot of great things going for it (in my mind, like Canada). I’d love to visit one day along with Australia and Tasmania (where I briefly had the idea of attending university).


      • orijinalchris on said:

        Don’t get ME started about your countries militarised police! The state of your country is something that appals and fascinates me. Do you realise that your police force is now a paramilitary one purely as a result of your countries major industry being arms and invading weaker countries for their oil reserves whilst pretending it’s about, um, democracy (countries that have no concept of american democracy)? That military style dawn raids in black neighbourhoods happen dozens of times a day, and are often targeted at the wrong people?
        Oops… sorry, I did get started. Just saying.


  2. It’s definitely a very messed up situation.

    I was definitely naive to believe we’d learned a lesson in Vietnam. Can you imagine any presidential candidate dare say what McGovern, eventually the 72 Democratic candidate, said?

    If it were up to me, we’d stop the foreign escapades and begin fixing all that’s wrong in the States.


  3. If it were up to me, we’d get out of militarizing many departments in the federal government that have no business with guns and amo, de-militarize our local police departments and quit provoking and puppeteer(ing) our young who have no idea what all the hate and aggressiveness is all about . . . if it was up to me, we’d beg for forgiveness and start the heck all over because we’ve crossed the line on so many fronts – no matter the party, religion, race, gender or country.

    If it were up to me – we’d step back and get a grip on the reality of our world, that one that we’ve all played a role in bringing to the edge.

    If it were up to me . . .


  4. Shoot first and ask questions later. Too often, that seems to be the way. A very sad and scary state of affairs.


  5. It really does seem to be. I could be wrong but there doesn’t seem to have been as much of this in the past. I can’t help but wonder on the causes behind this increasingly scary state of affairs.

    While I can’t imagine a white person would have been shot, that isn’t to say they wouldn’t have been tasered.


  6. This is ugly and inexcusable, no two ways about it. But anything else I wanted to say about it fled straight out of my head as I stumbled through the comments.

    Let me just say this. I don’t approve of, say, female genital mutilation in countries like Kenya. But if a Kenyan person posted a video decrying genital mutilation, I don’t think I’d spend too much time talking shit about his country based on what I’d read, but didn’t really know. I think I’d call it a heinous practice and leave it at that.


    • Ha! What a curmudgeon I am. You know, I think people get their noses bent out of shape about the silliest things sometimes, myself definitely included.


      • Consider it a right of us humans to be bent out of shape on occasion.

        At present on my old laptop (the new one died on me again – what a lemon it’s been since I got it) I’m trying not to bend my nose any more out of shape than it already is.


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