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A Flat-Bed Ford

Lyrics aren’t always what you imagine them to be. Perhaps like me, you’ve misunderstood a line or two.  What the Lizard King was wailing was actually, “If you give this man a ride, sweet memory will die.”

Even if you do happen to understand the words correctly you may not know what all of them mean.  I’ll confess being none the too wiser to the meaning of turnpike in Simon and Garfunkel’s lovely America.  And I’ve only just realized what a flat-bed Ford looks like; it is not at all what I imagined.

1960_Ford_F-100_(6273194496)(Photographer: OSX II )

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3 thoughts on “A Flat-Bed Ford

  1. You can’t put the actual lyrics here without telling us what you thought they were!

    And you’ve of course omitted (intentionally, I suspect) the most famous of misheard lyrics, Henrix’: ‘Scuze me while I kiss the sky (“while I kiss this guy.”)

    I’ve had that happen more times than I can recall. Often, it makes the lyric more poignant, as in the case of REM’s “Don’t Go Back To Rockville.” I’d misheard the lyric as “If you weren’t here I’d only leave you,” and it’s really “If you weren’t here I’d only BLEED you,” which is infinitely better.

    However, it works the other way.

    There’s a Nirvana lyric in “All Apologies” that I misheard as “I’ll proceed from shame.” The actual, much-lamer lyric is “Aqua seafoam shame.”


    • Instead of memory I heard Emily.

      Aqua seafoam shame! How does one even begin to think about that? A quick Google search sees people have actually posited something: I was going to take the easy way out and blame drugs. I mean the Beatles had some nonsense among their wealth of great lyrics that didn’t work for me: e.g. “sitting on a cornflake.”

      My connection with the word aqua has little do with water and all to do with Aqua Bowl where we’d bowl when we were kids and Aqua Velva an aftershave my dad and/or oldest brother used to use. Probably we can be sure Kurt wasn’t referring to either of those.


  2. Actually, I think the aforementioned REM lyric was “if you WERE here” not “weren’t”.


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