Tom Simard

Poetry, Music, and Prose

The First Thing We Do

The First Thing We Do
Jack would do
for anyone
you were told.

So you waited
in his lobby
interested to hear
what information
he might provide.

From a plaque on the wall
a Bible verse stated
obedience to God
would bring about good governance.

A painting of Washington
kneeling on the banks
of the Delaware

As for your mother,
she’d already crossed
the Rubicon.

Jack’s secretary,
who’d earlier
her father, too,
was suffering from
and had expressed such
told you coldly,
“He can’t see you.”

No jot and tittle
means sympathy’s
in short supply.

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10 thoughts on “The First Thing We Do

  1. It sounds like Jack does not live the life he proclaims. A little sympathy and empathy helps ease a troubled heart. If this was you, Tom, I hope that you found someone more receptive to hear your story.


  2. A bit of a slap as the disappoint always surprises us, but never should – we allow expectations to become ballooned anticipations of . . . disappointments. Sorry Tom.


  3. I found myself reading this again – a sad reality Tom, but wise words.
    We can all learn not to be like Jack.


  4. ..or is it perhaps his Secretary?


  5. This poem hurts. And it’s funny, but I feel a lot of hurt for the secretary. I’m not blaming her, but she had to forego a little bit of her soul.


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