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Wednesday’s Choice

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15 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Choice

  1. Absolutely magnificent Tom. It’s like floating on a breeze. She becomes one with that Cello. Thanks for a marvellous introduction in to my morning.


  2. Awesome way to start my day – thanks Tom!


  3. inspiring….reminds me of how much I enjoy painting with classical music. need to do that more.


  4. orijinalchris on said:

    Wow… I have a new crush! I love the bit where, amidst all that serious, rapt concentration, she looks to her right and, ever so fleetingly, smiles a gorgeous smile (:


  5. Very lovely choice – thank you. Just the calming thing I needed after someone backed into my car this morning!


  6. As I listen to this, I can imagine myself lying under the shade of a tree and just watching as birds and butterflies float by. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing, Tom. ;-)


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