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Coffee Cup

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10 thoughts on “Tasseography

  1. Let me take a shot Tom. I see the two shapes on the side of the cup as being fish. The substance below is like dark water. Dark water in Jungian typology is often looked upon as the unconscious and fish the contents of the unconscious. The fish are above the water so something is becoming conscious. :-)


  2. You’ve obviously read coffee grounds before. :-)

    Fascinating how it works – what we see or don’t see and how we interpret it. After drinking my coffee, I happened to glance over and saw those figures. The one in the middle and to the right reminded me of those French cave paintings:


  3. orijinalchris on said:

    Yes, I saw the Lascaux-likeness, too. Also learnt a new word.


    • Not one I knew before either. :-)

      If you get a chance, follow the Lascaux link – pretty fantastic.


      • orijinalchris on said:

        I did and it was (:


      • What a great place to visit. Though some of those passages looked pretty cramped so I’m not sure it’d be the best place for someone with a tinge of claustrophobia.


      • orijinalchris on said:

        Yes. I’ve known about Lascaux since I was young, and we covered them and their pictographic/artistic/cultural significance during my degree studies… but I had never realised they (the caves) were so deep/convoluted.
        Years ago I read The Gutenberg Galaxy, by Marshal McLuhan… it was way over my head at the time, but something I read there, that has always stayed with me, was that those cave paintings could only have been viewed by crude, flickering flame, which would have practically animated the images, making them even more magical.


  4. Great lines from McLuhan.


  5. I thought of cave paintings as well and herding animals into a circular pattern.


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