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Sappho Fragments (1 & 2)

For those who are interested, join us in our reading of Sappho.

”                            And fine birds brought you,
quick sparrows over the black earth
whipping their wings down the sky
through midair-

they arrived.”

From Fragment 1

“And in it cold water makes a clear sound through
apple branches and with roses the whole place
is shadowed and down from radiant-shaking leaves
sleep comes dropping.

And in it a horse meadow has come into bloom
with spring flowers and breezes
like honey are blowing.”

From Fragment 2

Anne Carson’s If Not Winter: Fragments of Sappho




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10 thoughts on “Sappho Fragments (1 & 2)

  1. I will be watching and reading Thank You


  2. Wonderful. You have to feel jealous of the ancients and how close they lived to nature and the turn of the seasons.


  3. Sappho now has a new subscriber. Thanks.


  4. Inese Poga Art Gallery on said:

    What a depth of expression!


  5. Anne Carson is simply wonderful. Her translations give Sappho breath.


    • A very good way of putting it.

      The fairly complete fragments are truly a pleasure – the very fragmented fragments are a challenge to the mind to wonder what it is she may have wanted to say. I’ve had the idea for fun to try my hand at them – to write a series of poems On Sappho using those that consist of hardly more than a handful words as a launching pad. We’ll see.


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