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An Absence

Been laid up with the flu – hoping it’ll pass at some point.  I do have my doubts!

Anyway, things are on the move here or rather I’ll be on the move in March and probably April so I’ll be likely be absent from the blogging world for the next few months.

Here’s to hoping spring comes to all with its usual delights.


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22 thoughts on “An Absence

  1. Hope you get well soon Tom. Have a good break and enjoy it. We’ll miss you.


  2. Do take care Tom and all the best with the move. Feel better soon!


  3. Here’s to leaving flus and winter behind (I write as it begins to snow…ah well)! Be well.


  4. Feel better soon Tom!


  5. Take care Tom and hope all is well. A few months off will be a good break from the blogging world.


  6. Ugh. No fun. I avoided the flu for over twenty years, but now that I’m living with three little plague-monkeys I’ve succumbed a few times in the last couple years. Get better soon!


    • Thanks. Temp’s down and my cough doesn’t sound like my lungs are being expunged so I’m no doubt on the mend.

      It’s the first time I’ve succumbed to the flu in at least 30 years I think. Let’s just put it this way the last time I did I had a full head of hair.


  7. orijinalchris on said:

    Rest and liquids (:


    • Thanks, Carol.

      Despite developing bronchitis I’m much better thanks to some very strong antibiotics. I’m hoping to be back to fairly normal by the end of the week.


  8. I had to check in to make sure I wasn’t missing posts again. I hope that you’ve recovered from the flu, and are just out doing something fun.


    • I have though believe it or not my back’s gone out! Just in time for a job conference I might add, which had me wondering whether or not when I sat down I’d be able to stand. It was iffy and so there was no choice but to be frank with them. I’d never have believed it but in nearly every interview (I had six of them.) there was someone who had back problems too.


  9. Hope your flu has gone away; looking forward to more -missing the music as well!!


  10. Thanks, Laurie. I’m just like new.


  11. Hi Tom! You back! It’s been several months, I know, and I’m only getting caught up myself. Hope, other than the flu, that the year has been good to you!!


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