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“I stop somewhere waiting for you.”

Soon and very soon I’ll be saying goodbye to blogging.  It’s been a very enjoyable three years but a new job in a new country will no longer permit me the time I need let alone the focus necessary (if anything, I’m a man easily distracted).

When I emerge on the other side, my head will poke up like a groundhog ushering in spring.

Until then, all the best.





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10 thoughts on ““I stop somewhere waiting for you.”

  1. Sorry to see you go…but that’s life. All the best to you. Truly.


  2. All things must pass. Good luck with your new life abroad!


  3. Indeed.


    New experiences will no doubt abound.


  4. It has been great reading your posts. All the best….


  5. Best of luck to you in your new country. It’s been great reading your posts or listening to your selected music even if I didn’t comment each time.

    Good luck and much success in your new job too.


  6. It looks as if your absence started with this post. I hope everything is going swimmingly in your new country (I was always curious about the OLD one). Even if it’s not here, I hope we’ll hear more of you through your work.


  7. Great to hear from you as always.

    I’d love to say that things were going swimmingly. Actually the opposite, so I suppose I should things are going drowningly. I was offered the job but it was for SEPTEMBER 2016 if you can understand that – I tried and failed so stopped trying.

    Still in the old country and any questions you might have about it send them to for the answering. Not sure how long I’ll be here though, and it’s looking like I might end up where it all began.

    Thanks. I’d like to think that I’d be able to start writing again at some point but at this stage I really need to find me a job. I took a bath and got a haircut so that should help. The last line as well as “Get a job!” actually uttered to my cousin and I back in ’73 before our hair was actually long. We’d gone to canoe camp and were on a journey that would take us 150 miles in 7 days. Anyway, we were starving for “real food” so we were making our way from where we’d camped into La Crosse, WI along the train tracks when a man felt the need to express himself. We thought it was hilarious.


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