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“But It’s Freezing!”



It may be too early to say so for certain, but it is possible that my brief respite from blogging is over.  I have no illusions that I’ll have the time to write as I did before, but I hope to post something now and then.  I would also love to think I’ll be back to reading my favorite blogs as well.


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10 thoughts on ““But It’s Freezing!”

  1. What a great response!

    Finding music, which believe it or not I haven’t listened to for the last six months (absolutely crazy I know), should be easy enough. (For some reason, the oboe came to mind, so I will try to track down something with that instrument for the first installment.) Poetry and posts are a more difficult proposition with work (not being born into the landed gentry) having got/getting in the way, but so much has happened that needs to be expressed, and poetry (and the posts) have been a great outlet for me.

    I look forward to start reading your blog again – always so well written and thought provoking.


  2. Nice to see you again Tom – looking forward to reading future posts!


  3. I see that an earlier comment says “Yay,” which seems to me a wholly appropriate response. Good to see you back (?)!


    • And great to hear from you! What have you been up to? I have been unfortunately either working and studying or studying and working.

      For my own sanity (lacking of late), I need to start writing again – not necessarily on the blog, mind you, but if I’m writing poetry I might as well share it.

      The last six months has probably been the first time in my adult life when I’ve heard next to no music. Don’t know how people who don’t listen to music do it.


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