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Immortality Sweeps over our Land


Despite the pistol he’s carrying, Roy Moore is no straight shooter unlike Girolamo Savonarola.

Since Moore doesn’t seem to believe in much besides self-aggrandizement (just like the president), one can only imagine what he would do if he were put in a position similar to that of Savonarola.




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4 thoughts on “Immortality Sweeps over our Land

  1. Excellent comparison. Savonarola was an example of intellect and self discipline being insufficient protection from immolating extremism. But is lack of either a useful defense? We’ll see.


  2. Perfect comment – loved the “immolating extremism” and that “lack of either” question of yours.


  3. I’d love to read more about Savonarola. Time to see what the library’s got on him.


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