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“Your old road is rapidly agin'”

What comes with age is not necessarily wisdom but lack of relevance. The younger see things differently and seem incapable of listening. I have half-joked that by the time I do die, I’ll be more than happy to do so.


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2 thoughts on ““Your old road is rapidly agin'”

  1. Too true, sentences 1 and 2. Not only younger folks—tho’ for me almost everyone is that—ignores you when you are no longer useful, a means to their ends. It ain’t you they’re lookin’ for, babe.
    I’m expanding this theme in my next post, but you got there first. Sentence 3? no, too much I don’t understand left to criticize.
    Check out Mr. Z’s “Idiot wind” I just re-read it, it’s cleverer now. “Idiot wind. Blowing through the dust upon our shelves. We’re idiots, babe.”


  2. Yes, very true. Few people listen.

    I’ll have another listen. It’s a song I’ve always treasured on an album I’ve always loved that has grown to become my favorite.


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