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Book 17

“There lay the hound Argus, infested with lice.
And now, when he sensed Odysseus was near,
He wagged his tail and dropped both ears
But could not drag himself nearer his master.

Jean Desjardins Is Free Today


No, I’m not talking about someone being released from prison.

It’s the title of my novel, you see.

For those who do read it, and like it, a review would be greatly appreciated.


I do love Canaletto.


Here are 585 of his works.

Tracy Cooper (in this article) says of him, “Of all the Venetian view painters, Canaletto took the most trouble to give every single one of the figures its own character and individuality. This is even truer of the dogs which clearly held a special place in his affections – each one is portrayed with movement and vibrancy.”

I’ve not counted, but there are an awfully lot of dogs!

A Morning Cocktail

When I do drink, which is rarely, it is usually a Weiss beer or a bone-dry white wine, but never a cocktail. So morning…?

The first bag of dog food I saw was chicken flavored. That set off a series of alarms in my head or probably more accurately memories in which I was repeatedly told as a child not to give our dog chicken bones as he’d choke on them. The cocktail mix I chose last week was therefore I imagine a more logical choice.

In my morning walks I come across stray dogs, and they always seem to be appreciative of any food or attention that comes their way.


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