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Free Ebook (Watercolors)

Watercolors is free today through Friday.

I hope you’ll get it, read it, and if so inclined, review it.

Watercolors is Free Today

My poetry collection, Watercolors, is free today.

After reading it I hope you’ll consider writing a review of it either on Amazon and/or Goodreads, which would be greatly appreciated.

Jean Desjardins Is Free Today


No, I’m not talking about someone being released from prison.

It’s the title of my novel, you see.

For those who do read it, and like it, a review would be greatly appreciated.

Jean Desjardins Free from February 5-8

It’s free.

The Year in Review (vis-à-vis the novel)

At present, I have sold 4 books and given 61 books away. The first number is certainly short of what I was expecting, and the latter a little bit better than what I thought. Amazingly enough on the day it was free I rose to 75 in Free Kindle Books for Literary Fiction.

I imagine those who have bought it are going to read it, and I would like to think the same is true of at least the majority of those who got it free. For those who do like it, I’d appreciate if you’d write an honest review on Amazon and/or Goodreads. At present no one’s reviewed it, and if I am to take what I read as truth, which is perhaps exceedingly foolish, the more reviews one gets the better the sales.

I had read that people were writing their own reviews, but yesterday I was surprised to discover you could also pay for them. The thing a person discovers. Be assured, I’m going to do neither, so if you read someone declaring me to be the next Émile Zola, the guy/gal is certifiably bonkers, and it definitely wasn’t written by me.


December 27, 2012 – Free Ebook

For those who are strapped for cash but would still like to read my novel, Jean Desjardins, this is your opportunity as it will be free today.

The Drive for Empty Space – December 27

As you can imagine, it’s difficult to find a picture of empty space so I have improvised accordingly.



My drive for a Bentley shall we say has crashed. Don’t get me started on that wonderful villa in Lugano that I set my heart upon.

Empty space, however? At present, it still appears to be free. My novel will be as well on December 27. I’m going to begin playing with the price from Monday so be forewarned. If you wonder why a $.99 novel is suddenly priced at $99, you’ll understand. By the way, what would you rather be in possession of an electric chain saw or a novel? Please, don’t answer.



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