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Sappho Fragments (1 & 2)

For those who are interested, join us in our reading of Sappho.

”                            And fine birds brought you,
quick sparrows over the black earth
whipping their wings down the sky
through midair-

they arrived.”

From Fragment 1

“And in it cold water makes a clear sound through
apple branches and with roses the whole place
is shadowed and down from radiant-shaking leaves
sleep comes dropping.

And in it a horse meadow has come into bloom
with spring flowers and breezes
like honey are blowing.”

From Fragment 2

Anne Carson’s If Not Winter: Fragments of Sappho





If you find yourself on a river, 800px-Acheron_river_2(Photographer: Samuli Lintula)

and close your eyes,220px-Gustave_Dore,_The_Divine_comedy,_Inferno,_plate_9,_Charon,_The_Ferryman_of_Hell(Gustave Doré)

make sure you have ready a honey cake to pacify.Cerbere(Gustave Doré)

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