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Book 5 (Ichor)

I still have images from childhood of books I read on the Greek gods and goddesses. Later in school, there were the difficulties trying to correlate the Roman gods (mostly known from the planets) to their Greek equivalents.  A similar feeling was felt toward the campaign in full charge at the time to Go Metric.  It’s interesting the things one remembers and forgets.  Speaking of which, ichor is the blood of the gods.

Book 5

We are told Athena infuses Diomedes with strength and bravery.

“He swept across the wide plain like a winter torrent
whose rushing water has bursts its embankments; the thick-built
dikes cannot hold it back, nor can it be halted
by the walls of the flourishing vineyards, when heavy rains
suddenly make it spill over, and farmers watch
as their beautiful fields of grain are destroyed beneath it;”

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