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Granby Street

Granby Street

I walk down Granby Street
all these years later.

I was taken
to see a world
I’d never known
of rolling clouds
over mountain peaks,
of crashing waves and
insufferable heat.

I never knew
if I’d return
or be buried
at sea.


All along the
moving about
in riotous dance,
duffel bags
slung easily
over shoulders.

I bought the
best suit
I could afford
and a pair of shoes
to impress
a  lady.

Poem by Tom Simard
Sketches by John Spiers

To find out more about John’s other creative work, please visit 1 Graphic 50 Words.

Is Hitchhiking for You?

Hitchhiking is not for everyone.

If you can afford it, flying is more comfortable. Taking your own car or renting one is another option.

If money is an issue, consider going by bus. I am aware they have such a notoriously bad reputation that Harry Chapin once chimed they were “a dog of a way to get around.” But I imagine they’ve greatly improved, and you will almost most certainly arrive at your destination quicker than you would if you went by thumb.

Perceived risk is another consideration. Although for obvious reasons hitchhiking is not conducive to statistics,  we have all heard stories.

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